Upcoming: roundtable discussion "Wood fuel standards and a proposal for a technical rule bookincorporating them"

The Serbian Institut for Standardization and GIZ DKTI Programme''Development of a Sustainable Bioenergy Market in Serbia'' are organizinga round tablediscussion with the title "Wood fuel standards and a proposal for a technical rule bookincorporating them"on Tuesday 13thJune 2017, 12:00 in the 2nd floor auditorium at the Serbian Standards Institute.


The aim of this meeting is to inform the general public about theEuropean wood fuel standards that were translated and then used as the basis for adrafttechnical rule bookfor wood fuels which was created as part of thethe GIZ DKTI Programme. The proposed rule book definesrequirements for wood fuel quality, future obligations forwood fuel producers and distributors, the role ofmarket inspection, procedures foraccreditation of laboratories for testing and issuing ofcertificates, the role of regulators and other aspects for its implementation.

After the presentation of therule bookdraft and the associated standards, participants are invited to comment, discuss and provide their own perspectives and suggestions.


All interested participants will be able to purchasean electronic collection of all standards underlying the proposed rule book with the title"Solid biofuels - Grade and test methods". This collection was exclusively prepared for this roundtable and is available at a promotional priceof RSD 9,875.


Please register your intent to participate until 9thJune 2017at the department of education and promotion of standardization, phone011/3409-340 and 011/3409-388 or by е-mailiss-edukacija@iss.rs .