German Ambassador, Mr. Axel Dittmann, visited on the 23rd and 24th  of January 2018 several municipalities in West Serbia.

Since 2014, the programme “Development of a Sustainable Bioenergy Market in Serbia” has been supporting the local governments of Priboj, Nova Varoš and Bajina Bašta regarding the fuel-switch to biomass in district heating systems and fuel-switch in public buildings.

Concrete activities provided in Priboj, Bajina Bašta and Nova Varoš:

•             Establishing of sustainable biomass supply chains for district heating plants:

Based on existing potential analyses, logistic concepts for wood biomass supply chains have been developed and compared, including the possibility for a clustered supply structures. Additional resources of woody biofuel have been elaborated, e.g. residues from wood processing industry and road side vegetation.

•             For off-grid public buildings a technical project concepts for the fuel switch to wood biomass have been developed.

•             Several accompanying measures in the decision making process have been provided, e.g. a macroeconomic study on net effects of import substitution of fossil fuels with biomass, quantifying the workplaces created in the direct vicinity of the respective municipalities caused by a fuel switch.

The municipalities have been also strongly involved in the implementation of the activities of the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor. Regional biomass working group for the Zlatibor region has been established within the frame of these activities (chairperson is deputy mayor of Priboj).

As a result of different capacity development measurements the municipality Priboj started to operate self-financed biomass-based heating unit for several public buildings: a kindergarten, a school, the city hall and the culture centre, switching from mazut to woody biomass.