On Saturday, 29th of September at Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade citizens had the opportunity to visit Climate Village.

Climate Village is part of Climate Diplomacy Week organized by Ministry of Enviromental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, under the ouspices of the EU, in coperation with the embassies of Sweden, Germany and France, Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, German development organization GIZ and other organizations, institutions and startup companies.Visitors had the opportunity to participate in educational and family activities. The aim was to better understand consequences of  climate changes and our contribution to decrease these changes. Within the Climate Village, several organisation presented their activities related to enviromental protection. Additionally, cycling around the lake was organized, as well as other cultural and sport activities.  German development organization GIZ organized exibition "Past, Pressent and Future of Palic and Ludos Lake", guided biodiversity tour and climate sensitive waste management measurements. Visitors had also an opportunity to be in a logistic and trade center for biomass through VR glasses.