Plans for developing biomass heating system in Municipality of Zaječar will be presented on Wednesday 21th November 2018.

Municipality of Zaječar is planning to install two boiler rooms on wood chips with capacity of 1,95 megawatts. Within a cooperation between municipality of Zaječar and German Development Programm "Development of Sustainable Bioenergy Market in Serbia", a study about biomass potential in Municipality of Zaječar was developed. The aim of the study was to estimate needed amounts of wood chips for future boiler rooms and to analyse the biomass potential.

Results from study will be presented on Wednesday 21th November 2018. These results have shown that needed amount of wood chips could be produced by Utility company in Zaječar from cleaning road side vegitation, river banks and parks in municipality of Zaječar and  surrounding municipalities. Additional supply could be organized by cleaning the wood vegetation from the banks of Timok in cooperation with Srbijasume and from orchard pruning.