GIZ DKTI Programme Development of a Sustainable Bioenergy Market in Serbia organized second training for the representatives of Directorate for Agrarian Payments on 19th of February 2019.


Training on Energy Production from Biomass as a Renewable Source was held in Srpski Itebej. The aim of the training was to educate the representatives of Directorate for Agrarian Payments about biogas technology and contributions of biogas projects to rural development. The benefits to farmers as well as contributions to achievement of national strategies, sustainable development, environmental, rural and socio-economic were discussed in details. The first of these type of  trainings was held on March 7th, 2019, as a continuation of the efforts to introduce bioenergy projects to IPARD team within the Directorate for Agrarian Payments in the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management started in 2017. Finally, the participants of both trainings had an opportunity to visit the biogas plant in Čestereg and learn about the biogas technology on-site.