Within GIZ DKTI Programme Development of a Sustainable Bioenergy Market in Serbia during September a series of trainings for trainers will be implemented in cooperation with partners organisations.

Partner organisations involved in trainings implementation are National Association for Biomass SERBIO, Biogas association, Association of District Heating Companies, Vinca institute for Nuclear Science, Standing Conference for Towns and Municipalities, supported with Regional working group for Biomass and Energy Efficiency, Forest Directive, Regional Development Agency Zlatibor and Regional Development Agency for Eastern Serbia – RARIS.


The trainings will cover following topics: Preparation of projects for EU funds, Biomass supply in towns and municipalities, which are chaining fuels to biomass for heating in public buildings, Quality control of woodchips, Management of biogas plants.


Methodologies and  manuals for trainings implementation will be presented to participants, best solutions for knowledge dissemination will be discussed, so the plan for further trainings will be made.  


The aim is to enhance capacities of partners organisations and to contribute to their further empowerment. Materials developed for these trainings will be available on GIZ DKTI web site, as well on web sites of partner organisations.


The trainings will be held within GIZ DKTI premises.