GIZ DKTI Project Development of a Sustainable Bioenergy Market in Serbia in cooperation with Ministry for Agriculture, Forest and Water Management – Forest Directive realized specialized consultations for private forest owners.

14 associations of private forest owner form West and East Serbia participated at the event, held on 20th of September 2019 in Užice.

An important contribution was made by Regional Biomass and Energy Efficiency Working Group from Zlatibor region, formed within BioEN project, with the support of the GIZ DKTI project.

Representatives from Forest Directive presented basics for the support of private forest associations, as well as financial sources, emphasizing clear benefits for each forest owners, in case they are willing to join some of existing associations, and the importance of further enlargement to regional level.

Representatives from Regional Biomass and Energy Efficiency Working Group from Zlatibor region presented current and planned projects within Zlatibor region. The aim was to show biomass utilization potentials through presentation of projects in Piboj, Nova Varos, Prejepolje, Arilje, Kosjeric, Uzice and Bajina Bašta.      

The purpose of the event was to discuss about possibilities for regional association of private forest owners, so to induce formation of value chain, starting with Zlatibor region.

Due to the fact, that representatives recognized importance of associations in regional level, GIZ DKTI will develop business models for regional association and present them to private forest owners associations, so the further steps could be jointly considered.      

The event gathered 40 participants with representatives of local media.