Representatives of the Regional Development Agency of Zlatibor and the Working Group on Biomass and Energy Efficiency of the Zlatibor Region visited Croatia in the period 10th -13th of November 2019, within the GIZ DKTI project.

The aim of study trip was to introduce participants with the good practice examples of energy transition and to define models for formalization of the Working Group on Biomass and Energy Efficiency of the Zlatibor Region (RGBEE).

Participants visited the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) where the Association of Pellet, Briquette and Wood Biomass Producers – CROBIO presented their work. The association is a full member of the leading European biomass association, Bioenergy Europe, and promotes the use of biomass in Croatia. The use of woody biomass is minor compared to its potential in Croatia, so the Association is working on an educational and marketing campaign aimed at increasing the use of biomass and reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, the participants spent one working day at the Regional Energy Agency of Northwestern Croatia (REGEA) and the Regional Energy Agency North in Koprivnica (REA North), where they were thoroughly acquainted with creation and operation of the Agency, but also with their activities and examples of successfully completed projects.

During the visit, further co-operation related to transfer of knowledge and experience from Croation to Serbia was agreed with the purpose of launching the first regional energy agency in Serbia. Thus, the Memorandum of Understanding between the Zlatibor Regional Development Agency from Serbia and both agencies from Croatia - REGEA and REA North were signed.

At the end of the study tour, the participants visited the SHERIF GROUP wood processing plant in Glina.