Biogas association in Serbia and GIZ DKTI/AMBERO team in cooperation with Regional Center for Socio-Economic Development Banat and Standing Conference of Town and Municipalities organise presentation of concept for biogas heat usage for supplying public buildings (primary and secondary schools, sports halls, police stations, cultural centers, kindergarten etc.) developed within GIZ DKTI Project Development of a Sustainable Bioenergy Market in Serbia.

The round table will be held on Thursday, 12.3.2020 in Botoš, starting at 11h.

The concept will be presented paying attention on its impact on rural development and emphasizing importance of local-self government support during project implementation. Discussion on concept positive effects and potential barriers for project implementation and replication will be initiated. 

Biogas Association, Bioelektra Botoš Company, Botoš Local Community, City of Zrenjanin, 1st October Botoš Elementary School, Botoš Agricultural Association and representatives for GIZ DKTI Project will be on disposal for all participants' questions. Finally, after meeting participants will have opportunity to visit biogas plant.