About the field of activity

District heating companies (toplanas) are utilizing coal, gas or mazut (heavy oil) to produce heat and in some cases also electricity. Studies show that in the regions of many toplanas biomass would be sufficiently available to suspend the use of fossil fuel for production of heat and electricity. 

The field of action aims to enhance sustainable biomass supply chains, using various sources of solid biomass, like agricultural residues (straw), wood residues and energy plants. The biomass needs to be processed specifically to meet the requirement of the toplanas and represent a ecologic and economic sound solution.


1. Development of local structures for the provision of biomass (production or collection, processing, transportation, storage) in selected regions

  • identification of sources, suppliers and processors of biomass
  • Organizational Development (OD) - perform consulting for processors and distributors

2. Consultancy services for district heating companies and suppliers entering into biomass supply contracts

  • advise for partners in contract negotiations
  • organize excursion to (German) biomass power plant (HCD – measure)

3. Support to the establishment of public/private biomass supply companies

  • Organizational Development (OD) - perform consulting for processors and distributors

4. Consultancy and training for biomass suppliers in sustainable exploitation of biomass

  • advise for suppliers in the selection of areas under environmental and economic aspects
  • training for forest owners, forest management and farmers organisations for ecologically sustainable use of residues (HCD - measure)
  • improvement of quality infrastructure

5. Monitoring the origin and sustainability of biomass use

  • develop / select concept and technical solution
  • establish procedures for Toplanas and processors / suppliers

Responsible person:

Rainer Schellhaas
Component leader