BioRES – Project team from eight European countries

EU-Project BioRES – Regional Supply Chains for Woody Bioenergy

About BioRES

The EU-BioRES project contributes to DKTI  bioenergy program in Serbia. The national biomass association SERBIO is partner in implementing BioRES in Serbia.

BioRES aims at introducing the innovative concept of Biomass Logistic and Trade Centres (BLTCs) in Serbia, Croatia, and Bulgaria based on cooperation with technology leaders from Austria, Slovenia, Germany, and Finland. The BLTCs as regional hubs will help increasing local supply and demand for woody bioenergy products in these countries.


  • Knowledge and Technology exchange of best practice operations
  • Identification of priority locations for new BLTCs
  • Assessment of regional market potentials for the production and use of woody bioenergy products
  • local stakeholder dialogues involving both producers and potential users of woody bioenergy products
  • initiates the establishment of investor groups operating BLTCs
  • conducts site-specific feasibility studies for a total of 6-8 new BLTCs
  • promotes local consumer information and awareness building
  • enhancing local capacities at all stages along the regional supply chains for quality-controlled woody bioenergy products from verified sustainable forestry
  • provides support for BLTC business plans as well as for sale agreements on supply and demand side
  • advisory services on planning and start-up of BLTCs at the stage of web-or shop-based operation
  • European-wide communication and dissemination of project achievements


The brochure "Sustainability and Quality in Biomass Logistics and Trade Centres (BLTC) – Requirements and Benefits for the BLTC" is providing an insight for potential BLTC operators and actors involved along the local supply chains.

Responsible Person:

Stefan Essel
Project Coordinator

GIZ Office Bavaria
Wielinger Straße 52, 82340 Feldafing, Germany
+49 8157938-712

BioRES has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and Innovation programme under grant  agreement No645994