„KeepWarm“ Cofinancing though the EU Horizon 2020 Project

About the project

The KeepWarm project aims to accelerate cost-effective investments in the modernisation of district heating systems (DHS), particularly in Central and Eastern Europe (7 countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine) where DHSs are often still old, inefficient and overly-reliant on fossil fuels. KeepWarm promotes sustainable pathways to retrofit existing DHSs by upgrading their operational efficiency and switching to local renewable excess energy sources. Project partners have complementary expertise to facilitate the exchange of good practice, so that key stakeholders can boost the competitiveness of local economies and further reduce emissions. The project’s multi-stage approach is tailored in a way that any DHS - from frontrunners to more traditional ones - can effectively modernise and decarbonise, thereby accelerating feasible and replicable transitions Europe-wide.

KeepWarm has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No784966