Within GIZ DKTI Programme six platforms for transfer of experience and knowledge have been  developed.

Operational biomass group

Operation biomass group is national platform, consisting of group of different organisations interested in the topic of bioenergy. The members are representatives of following intitutions: Vinca Institute for Nuclear Scientice, Biomass association SERBIO, Reginal Development Agency for Eastern Serbia RARIS, Regional Development Agency Zlatibor, Biogas association, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalites as well as Regional Working Gruop for Biomass and Energz Efficiency of Zlatibor Region.

The first meeting of this group was in March 2019., the second and third meetings was held in October and November 2019. The aim of their engagement is to prepare a document with scheme of incentives recommendation regarding bioenergy usage for heating and its promotion and presentation to local self-governments and ministry.

CoP – Community of Practise

Platform Community of practice has been established in 2017. The first meeting was held in Kargujevac and the next three meetings were held in Belgrade and Pirot. Fristly CoP platform has geathered mainly representatives from local and national institutions interested in projects of fuel switch to biomass for heating in public buildings.

The idea is to coordinate dialog regarding renewable energy and biomass usage and also to include other topics related to bioenergy, so representatives of District heating companies, private forest owners, investors in biogas plants will be involved. 

The aim it to share experience and knowleadge and to strengthened capacity for the  implement of bioenergy projects at the local level.

Regional working groups for biomas

The first regional working group for biomass was established in Zlatibor region in 2015., with support of BioEn project, funded by GIZ DKTI Programme. Regional biomass working group has 29 members, mostly representatives from local self-governments within the region. 10 meetings were conducted until now by this group.  Also working group took participation at different events related to bioenergy topic. In meanwhile group included topic of energy efficiency in their activities. The purpose of all activities is trasfer of experience and knowleadge related to implementation of bioenergy projects within the region, as well as development of strategies and politics on the local level.

During 2020 with support of Local subsidy contract with GIZ DKTI Programme, Regional Development Agency for Eastern Serbia RARIS will form biomass working group in their region. Regional working group in Eastern Serbia will be established in accordance with experiences geathered in Zlatibor region. Thus, developed knowledge from one region will be transferred to another, aiming to contribute to enhancement of inter-regional cooperation.

Private forest owners

Cooperation with Private forest owners (PFO) has been established at the beginning of the project in 2015. Activities of cooperation has been dedicated to promotion of association of private forest owners and to providing technical support through the process of association establishment.

In 2019, this cooperation was intensified, through organised study tour in Slovenija and visit to the Slovenian National Association of Private Forest Owners. During 2020. platform will be directed to the establishment of regional PFO association in Zlatibor region. In addition to other benefits, the aim of association establishment is possibility to participate in biomass supply chain in Zlatibor region.  

District heating companies

Cooperation with Association of district heating companies -TOPs has been established at the beginning of the project in 2015. GIZ DKTI Programme is providing technical support to DHCs in projects of fuel switch to biomass usage for heating, which are funded by German Development Bank KfW.  Also, through Horizon 2020 Project KeepWarm six DHCs in Serbia are supported with aim to optimise and enhance their heating systems.

The aim of establishment of thematic platform for district heating companies during 2020 is to help them through defining further development strategy. Moreover, the propuse is to transfer technical knowledge from Vinca Institute related to energy topic as well as further usuage of bussines models, documents and recomendations developed within KeepWarm project.

Biogas platform

Since the first phase of the programme, GIZ DKTI is supporting and assisting the development of biogass market in Serbia. Consistenttransfer of knowlegde is being implemended from Germany, because Germany is the country with the highest number of biogass plants and has the long tradition in developing technologies and technical concepts. Many study tours were organized to exchange experiences of public administration employees at the local and national level with their counterparts in Germany, as well as study tours to biogas plants to introduce best practices of plants that have been operating for over a decade, to potential investors, consultants, faculty and secondary school professors.

New literature translated into Serbian was presented to the general public, starting from the use of waste as a raw material, technical manuals to biomethane production technology. Through a series of various trainings in the country and abroad, the contribution to quality and sustainable development of the sector has been strengthened. Ideas of promoting concepts such as small biogas plants with animal manure as the dominant raw material, using waste heat for heating public and private buildings and joining energy cooperatives are further harmonized with partner institutions and organizations. Round tables are organized, first Biogas conferences are being initiated, as well as dialogues between crutial actors in the biogas sector.