About the field of action

In the private sector, we support the implementation of innovative self-sufficient bioenergy projects using wood material, organic waste and agro-biomass to substitute fossil fuels for heat, steam and electricity generation integrating private and public stakeholders for long-term international technology partnerships.

Therefore three main different working areas have been chosen:

  1. Biogas production for company own process heat consumption or CHP electricity generation with organic waste or organic waste water (manure, whey etc.) in cooperation with agro-industry
  2. Straw-combustion projects for process heat /steam generation
  3. Heat generation of wood material (Pellets, Briquettes, Woodchips) for Hotels, Schools, Hospitals or Investors/Contractors


  • Identification of projects and potential investors for bioenergy heating systems in public buildings, biogas facilities, facilities for generation of industrial process heat
  • Consultancy for plant design and project concepts
  • Elaboration of bankable (pre-) feasibility studies
  • Support/Intermediation of financial opportunities and investment subsidies
  • Business Match-Making and selection of national and international technology providers
  • Logistical concepts for agro-biomass
  • Technical support for permit application and support to increase the efficiency of processes related to permits and licensing agreements for bioenergy projects
  • Best-practice-documentation, support to research work in cooperation with Universities, Capacity-Building
  • Dialogue-platform for Serbian and international companies and institutional stakeholders to exchange project ideas, information and experiences
  • Publishing success stories, manuals etc.


There are different reasons to invest in the implementation of a bioenergy plant. Besides ecological advantages, CO2-reduction and increasing of local income, bioenergy provides in Serbia a big saving potential by contrast with fossil fuels for public and private budgets, especially for room heating purposes.

Besides being a low cost and environmental friendly heating source, bioenergy (biomass, biogas) is excellent to be converted into heat and electricity by using cogeneration (CHP).

Within the national strategy to promote renewable energy, the legal framework in Serbia provides special incentives for bioenergy projects, supplying generated electricity to the public grid. The following table shows the current feed-in-tariffs for biomass and biogas based on the DECREE ON INCENTIVE MEASURES FOR PRIVILEGED POWER PRODUCERS (RS Official Gazette”, No. 56/16) and pursuant to the Energy Law (“RS Official Gazette”, No. 145/14):

Type of facility

Instaled capacity P (MW)

Feed-in tariff (c€/kWh)

Biogas power plant

0-2 MW

18,333-1,111 x Pel

Biogas power plant

2-5 MW

16,852-0,370 x Pel

Biogas power plant

over 5 MW


There are also several financial programmes and instruments, which support public and private investors to implement sustainable bioenergy projects in Serbia. Please contact us for further information.

Responsible person:

Milica Vukadinović
Component leader

Terazije 23, 5. sprat
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

+381 11 400 3890