Five Energy Managers from Serbia participated 5-days "Introduction to Bioenergy Workshop" within the RENAC Green Energy Summer School in Berlin. Here are their testimonials.

To promote the sustainable use of bioenergy in Serbian Municipalities, GIZ DKTI programme announced Public call for Municipality Energy Managers in Serbia to participate 5-days "Introduction to Bioenergy" Workshop, which took place in Berlin, Germany from August 31st until September 4th, 2015 within the RENAC Green Energy Summer School. Five candidates were chosen and participated at the Workshop.

The workshop consisted of lectures on Bioenergy, Small scale Bioenergy projects, Micro financing for Energy business, Designing of Biogas plants, Biomass project development (with economics and financing of projects) and also fild visits to:
-    Biogas plant (15.000 m3/d production of biogas (65% CH4 content)/ CHP unit of 616 KWel and 834 kWth) and
-    Biomass power plant (35% efficiency, electricity production of 160.000MW/a, 120.000t/a of waste and non-recyclable timber)


  • "Study Trip gives opportunity to gain new knowledge about potentials and productions of biomass and biogas and also gives opportunity for networking, exchanging experience with colleagues from other cities and countries. Gained knowledge and contact with colleagues will help in development of future projects, that are of great importance for the city. Beside this, Study Trip gave opportunity to explore Berlin." - Jelena Nikolić, Senior Associate (City administration of the City of Kruševac)
  • "Impressions are phenomenal. Knowledge in the field of renewable energy sources we will use to promote and build a plant to produce biogas and electricity from organic waste and biomass in the municipality of Ivanjica." - Aleksandar Radonjić, Associate for Energy and Environmental Protection and the implementation of infrastructure projects (Municipal Administration Ivanjica)
  • "I am very grateful that GIZ gave me the opportunity to attend the Summer School of Green Energy  at the RENAC Academy in Berlin where I gained theoretical knowledge in the area of bioenergy, and afterwards I had the chance to visit a couple of plants using biomass for energy purpose, which was of utmost importance. After realizing how great the possibilities of using different kinds of biomass and different technologies are, I changed my view of bioenergy, in a positive way. Through my engagement in the Secretariat, I will do my best to promote bioenergy in order to increase the use of biomass and implement as many projects in the territory of the AP Vojvodina as possible." - Branislava Zubić, Independent Expert Associate in General Energy Sector (Vojvodina's Provincial Secretariat for Energy and Mineral Resources)
  • "Travel organization and training course were at a very high level. The course has helped me to consolidate and expand my existing knowledge of bioenergy. I enjoyed the socializing and sharing experiences and knowledge with colleagues and I am sure this experience will help me in my future professional work." - Višnja Đukić, Associate for energy efficiency (PE „Construction Directorate“ Vrbas, Energy management office, municipality of Vrbas)