GIZ DKTI component “Efficient Firewood Utilization in Households in Serbia” was presented at the UNECE / FAO conference 'More Heat with Less Wood', 6th and 7th October in Geneva

International conference ‘More heat with less wood’ organized by Forestry and Timber section of the United Nation (UNECE), was held on 6th and 7th October in Geneva. Experiences and results of 13 projects implemented in the countries of SEE and Central Asia were presented. Those projects are related to enhancement of efficient utilization of wood energy.

On the first day of the conference the main results of the GIZ DKTI’s component ‘Efficient firewood utilization in households in Serbia’ were presented. The results and lessons learned during the practical realization of this project was presented by Milica Vukadinovic and Prof. Branko Glavonjic (‘‘Enhancing efficiency of utilization of firewood in households - experiences and lessons learned from Serbia’’). The presentation focused on objectives and project concept, current situation in regard to the efficiency of firewood utilization in households in selected pilot regions, practical recommendations and guideline for efficient use of firewood.

Numerous questions asked by participants after the presentation of the initial assumptions, project concept and lessons learned confirmed the encompassing approach and complexity of implementation.

More than 50 participant were present from SEE and Central Asia besides representatives from different international organizations such as WHO, FAO, GIZ, SDA, universities and IFIs.

On the UNECE web page you can see more details about this conference: