On Wednesday, 30th of September, the second presentation of the Model for Assessing the Impact of Biomass on Air Quality and Climate Change Mitigation was held. 

The meeting was attended by representatives of local governments who are planning or have already switched to the use of biomass in small heating networks or central heating systems.

The phases of the model were presented at the meeting, which represents support in the decision-making process for the transition to the use of biomass. The model is a step-by-step guide to estimating emissions and using the results of the assessment to maximize the benefits of improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the use of the MERBU Excel tool (Model for Emission Reduction from Biomass Usage), which presents estimating emission reductions by switching to biomass, was presented in detail at the meeting. In this way, local governments can gain insight into the environmental benefits of switching to biomass in a relatively quickly and easily.

Based on the reactions of the participants and based on the received feedback, it can be said that this model will find its application, primarily in the assessment of emission reductions of existing plants, applications in various competitions or as a tool to promote environmental benefits from biomass transition.