A study visit to Zrenjanin by the members of the working group for biomass and energy efficiency of the Nišava diatrict was held on November 3, 4 and 5, 2021 at the Hotel Vojvodina, organized by the GIZ DKTI project and the Regional Center for Socio-Economic Development "Banat" (RDA Banat).

The aim of the study visit was to present to the participants and guests of the conference the projects of RDA Banat in the field of environmental protection and to start a discussion on examples of good practice of small local governments in Banat. Irena Zivkovic, executive of RDA Banat, Aleksandar Popovic, project manager for GIZ DKTI, Branislav Milosav, head of the Sector for Regional Development and Projects of RCR Banat, as well as Sasa Santovac, deputy mayor of Zrenjanin, spoke at the conferences. As part of the study visit, tours of the first smart building in Banat, the Regional Educational Center Banat, as well as the Biofarm Šokšić in Taraš were organized.