Mid-March 2015 a local subsidy for a project “Promotion of the sustainable use of bioenergy in the Zlatibor Region” has been signed between GIZ DKTI programme and Regional Development Agency Zlatibor. This project is being implemented by the RDA Zlatibor for the time period of a one year in the Zlatibor region.

Results of the project:

1. Regional Bioenergy Focal Point is enabled to act as coordination and networking body in the region Zlatibor for bioenergy.

2. Cross-sector networks are strengthened and the capacities/capabilities of different actors in the field of bioenergy are increased.

3. Regional Bioenergy Working Group within the Environmental Protection Board of the Zlatibor Region for the promotion of bioenergy is established.

4. Awareness about the sustainable use of biomass for energy purposes and efficient use of firewood in the region is increased.

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