„KeepWarm“ Cofinancing though the EU Horizon 2020 Project

About the project

The Project “Improving the performance of district heating systems in East Europe” – or KeepWarm for short is funded by EU within the program “Horizon 2020”. The objective of the project is to accelerate cost-effective investments in the modernisation of District Heating Systems (DHS) in Central and East Europe. KeepWarm work intensively with DHS in seven countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Within this region, DHS are frequently still inefficient and for the most part keep overly relying on fossil fuels (oil, gas or coal).

The aim of this initiative, launched in April 2018, is to modernise DHS around the whole region and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving system operations and promoting a switch to less-polluting sources, like renewables. The project partners strive to ensure that best practices for environmental-friendlier heating and cooling will be taken up across Europe, replicating KeepWarm’s approach in other countries and regions, even beyond the end of the project in September 2020.

Implementation of the KeepWarm project in Serbia is supported by Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences in cooperation with GIZ DKTI Programme. The beneficiaries of the project are DHC in following municipalities: Priboj, Nova Varoš, Bajina Bašta, Šabac, Pirot, Valjevo and Majdanpek.

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